Sunday, December 6, 2009

BAKUC 2009 : 1/100 Dendrobium WIP

After the GP04G conversion, here's come the real headache of making the 1/100 Dendrobium as the diorama base.
The biggest challenge will be the BAKUC competition size limitation(50x50x50cm).
Well , pictures tell better story :P

Complete WIP pics here :

Work days : 28th Aug ~ 24th Nov
Total working hours : 250hrs min


  1. God sick...first time I see this thing
    I was thinking "this guy is grazy,use Dendo 144 for diorama??" after see this WIP...I change my more than grazy...hahahaha...
    now you already have new!!!!!

  2. ha.. thanks man ..
    but i m not grazy yet, i will try harder.. :D

  3. once again you have magical hand and smart plan and wonderful work

  4. agreee Nicnay, definitely crazy!
    I also one of your fans

  5. i was like! WTF!!!? your really good!! im already your fan!


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