Saturday, May 5, 2012

WIP :: 1/20 Ma.K Gustav & GIGANT FLOH

It was 5 months ago since the previous build of Ma.K - SAFS A8R8 and I think I should slot in sometime for a touch on Ma.K between my Gunpla scratch build project, also as a tribute to Ma.K 30th Anniversary !! 
Congratulation to Kow Yokahama Sensei and Ma.K Fans around the world !! ^^

The all new tooling Gustav by Wave , excellent detail & well snapfited, 
just about 8 obvious seam line to cover , 
on the legs & arms. 
Try to give the bulky looking Gustav a dynamic posing , jumping through a barrier.

Another interesting walker -Super Jerry which is super hard to acquire now . Who ever interested just have to pray for re-issue :P

Got to paint the pilot figure before seal it up.

Goose on the run.
Masked & really to AB.

Base coated with dark red ( black + red)

A layer of hairspray and add salt for paint chipping effect.
 Top with flat white.

Hand painted similar orange band design on the box art.

After Wash and scratch away the salt.

Weathering effect with AK interactive dust streak 

Gustav 's pilot figure painting with oil 

The ground works -
Cobbles road by styrofoam cut out

With double sided tape to hold the stryrofoam bricks

After 2hrs of playing building set with stryrofoam then top with a thin layer of very diluted plaster of paris.

Plaplate mold for the jersey barrier

Plaster of paris mixed with lot's of fine sand 

Basic ground work setup done !^^

Test jump ! :D

Styrofoam cobbles are painted with acrylic instead of lacquer paint to avoid melting the styrofoam.

Dry brush with white

Cheap skate method with soft pastel + fine sand for the dust to be filled between the gap

Jersey barrier with weathering effect, it was very much a try & error technique but it seem turn out pretty good to me . 

All for now . Thanks for viewing ^^


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  2. sorry hahaha

    Godlike, and bring more time you come here :)

  3. Making the cobblestone road looks like fun :P

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  5. Any chance u can explain "Weathering effect with AK interactive dust streak"?

    Thanks loads. Very impressive work!

  6. Fantastic!
    How can you make the scratch with the salt on body?


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