Tuesday, February 24, 2015

WIP :: 1/20 Ma.K Fledermaus

 Hit the iron while still hot ! 
The paint thinner addictive is back.
The Pilot head bought 3yrs back from Toyko Wonder Festival 2012

 Gaianotes Surfacer EVO GS-04 Oxide Red airbrushed.
 Tamiya enamel XF-2 flat white (what ever is available)
 Tamiya Enamel XF-22 RLMグレイ (gray ??) 
 Tamiya enamel XF-1 Flat Black

 Dried root retrieve from backyard for the base 
 Sculpt a pilot cap with epoxy   
And a world peace gesture to match the expression
Flag for the Gong Xi Fat Cai season


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