Monday, November 30, 2009

BAKUC 2008 :SINANJU (Scatch Build WIP)

After a 10yrs break on gunpla , i have decided back to it cause i broke my femur bone last November from bike accident and rest at home.
Later I heard of "BAKUC" for the 1st time from a lady gunpla collector.
So, it just a perfect timing , my leg broke for a reason--- BAKUC. :P

why scratch build a SINANJU , or more appropriateas MG Sazabi conversion.
1. Always fancy on scratch build.
2. Cousin pass me a MG unicorn to spend time. later, i found it's awesome opponent.
3. MG version release soon in next fews month.

More WIP pics here :

Air brush work done in 6hrs ( 2am - 8am , on the submission day :P)
the base just f-up...

Work days : 14th Oct ~ 14th Nov
Total working hours : 150hrs

Lucky , appreciated with BAKUC Malaysia 2008-New Challenger Category 1st runner-up :P


  1. All the SB and you got this done by 1 month...
    Truly amazing!!
    How did you SB those curve parts? Like the ones on the backpack thruster and around the ankle.

  2. hi heathorn ,
    it's all plaplate with bending method , and smooth up with epoxy putty. ha.. not really sure how to explain it, maybe u can check out the WIP ? :P

  3. How very interesting wip...
    how did you make the diorama?


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