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Sunday, December 6, 2009

BAKUC 2009 : 1/100 Dendrobium WIP

After the GP04G conversion, here's come the real headache of making the 1/100 Dendrobium as the diorama base.
The biggest challenge will be the BAKUC competition size limitation(50x50x50cm).
Well , pictures tell better story :P

Complete WIP pics here :

MG Guntank WIP

PIC A1- wow wow wow !!!!
PIC A2- my lovely bro !! u finally released !! muack muack !!

BAKUC 2009 : RX78-GP04G WIP

Stardust memory ,
my all time favorite gundam anime & mecha design.
RX78-GP04G never appear in the anime. The back story , it was designed by AE but Federation realized it's too expensive to produce. Later, Delaz Fleet (created by Zeonic Company)approach AE, bought the design & revised to AGX-004 Gerbera Tetra, later destroyed by Dendrobium Orchis.

It's my dream to scratch build a GP04G back 1999, and i did a 1/60 half way, due to further study.

After 10yrs, now it's done.

Complete WIP pictures here :

RX78-2 Mechanical Clear Version Part2

Mech Ver. RX78 - laugh me, huh.. let me call my taikor lai.
Ah Kong - err.. wait.. joking only mah...

Mech Ver. RX78 - Hallo, taikor , got ppl perli me no axxhole here , pls come now ...
Ah Kong - err.. wait.. joking only mah...

Clear ver1 RX78 - TA DANG !!!

RX78-2 Mechanical Clear Version Part1

just for fun....

color :-
skeleton - 90% no.28 steel + 10% no.218 aluminium
Inner frame - gloss coat
hydraulic (inner rod)- SM01 superfine silver
Hydraulic (outter) gold no brand
core fighter blue - SM01 superfine silver as base , no.80 cobalt blue 80% covered(translucent effect.
core fighter red - SM01 superfine silver as base , 90% no.79shine red+ 5% no.3 red + 5% GX1 cool white
duct - no.4 yellow 50% cover (translucent effect)

dun flame me why no using clear color for the translucent effect .. coz... coz... it was last midnight work & dun have any at home la.... kekeke

lazy bum works...

Ah Kong - i like this blue ..!

Ah Kong - why this pcs like yellowish yellowish one ...
J - try ab the inner wall with yellow but result wasnt good, ma wash off lor...but it just wont back to clear ...sigh

Ah Kong - Hey i wan upgrade to this hydraulic system too !!

Ah Kong - hmmm.. cant wait liau.. do it myself...
damn .. armor also kena liau ...

Ah Kong - boring.. karate style

Ah Kong - boring.. sholin style

Ah Kong - boring.. .. wingchun sytle

Ah Kong - sigh... Boring

Mech ver RX78 - TA DANG!!!!

Mech ver RX78 - ohhh.. sleeping beauty ..hmm...

Mech ver RX78 - hello.. wake up wake up...

Ah Kong - errr...hmm...

Ah Kong - WAHH... KUAI AH !!!!!!!!!!!

Ah Kong - help help ... terminator T800 !!!
Mech ver RX78 - hey hey ...i m also gundam lai la..

Ah Kong - sure boh ..??
Mech ver RX78 - ya la.. i just not yet hensin nia la....

Ah Kong - KNS .. dint wear armor dun come out scared ppl la...
Mech ver RX78 - sorry lor.. ok ok i Hensin now...

....R... X... 7... 8....



...SIN !!!!!!!!


Mech Ver RX78 - HUUU WAHHH !!
Ah Kong - ..........

Ah Kong - kekekekeke pai seh pai seh ...wear like no wear .....

Ah Kong - Muahahahaha....

Ah Kong - even can see ur axxhole !!....

Ah Kong - ha ha ha.. special edition wor.... ha ha ha...

Ah Kong - hahahahah


Mech ver RX78 - kekeke

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