Sunday, December 6, 2009

BAKUC 2009 : RX78-GP04G WIP

Stardust memory ,
my all time favorite gundam anime & mecha design.
RX78-GP04G never appear in the anime. The back story , it was designed by AE but Federation realized it's too expensive to produce. Later, Delaz Fleet (created by Zeonic Company)approach AE, bought the design & revised to AGX-004 Gerbera Tetra, later destroyed by Dendrobium Orchis.

It's my dream to scratch build a GP04G back 1999, and i did a 1/60 half way, due to further study.

After 10yrs, now it's done.

Complete WIP pictures here :

Work days : 12th ~ 15th Jan
12th Jun ~ 22 Jul
Total working hours : 150hrs


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