Wednesday, April 21, 2010

WIP1 :: FA-178 MK-II

45days Gunpla Tournament
for Lit Tak Gundam Mid Year Challenge
Submission date : 5 June 2010

Objective :
SB Full Armor parts for PG MKII
Minor Detail mod on the kit
Lengthen the thigh & lower leg
No diorama

Reference :
The ori sketch of FA MK2

Bandai GFF #0019 FA-178 Full Armor Gundam MKII

Day1 - chest armor

Day2 of 45 - chest & groin armor

It at least need a 15mm high heel , 10mm lengthen on thigh & 15mm on lower leg , if not it gonna be look like a pig.

Day 3 of 45
Day3 of 45 - Groin armor & Collar

basic structure done, panel line skectes.

wasting quite sometime figuring how the collar gonna to be

Day 4 of 45


  1. great work like alway....can't wait to see it finish :D

  2. Woah this is the next level stuff. I am just getting my feet wet into modding. I want to know (if don't mind sharing) how do u create those custom mods?

    Do you mold your own parts?

    Do you just glue pieces of pla-plate together?

    The parts with curves, how did you create that?


  3. hello, may i asking you
    how do you sticky ABS board to 90 or 60 degree ? you using 0.5mm abs borard right ?
    do you need any guide templet ?
    how do you make those guide templet ?


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