Saturday, December 25, 2010


Just would like to share a simple way making a constant chamfer on the side of plaplate .
the chamfer i need here is 45degree on 1mm plaplate , so by math it's D1= 1mm , D2=1mm

D1 marking
Option A : Using the sharp edge of caliper, lock the measurement n just scribe along side .

Option B : Ruler marked up n down scribe a line or just with pencil.

i always prefer scribe with caliper , job done in secs with constant width . But only if u had invest a caliper (RM40 China bansai bansai ban ban sai !! :P)

D2 marking
Just paint the side with white board marker

Slice off the sharp corner. Dont need to be acculate , as long as the cut out not touch D1 & D2 marking.
1- Ease the next scribing process , which always happens where over scribe or accidentally slip off .
2- Less plaplate to scribe or to sand off , save ur time safe ur lung.

Just hold the cutter perpendicular to the plaplate on the chamfer n scribe with light pressure.

after the scribing , it might give u a "step" rough surface where you press too hard during scribing.

So Sanding is the only way - file then sand paper

Chamfer plaplate strip glued on.


  1. Learn something on pla plate! Great!

  2. Awesome. Thanks for sharing !

  3. do you have any tips for chamfering curved surfaces?

  4. Thanks for dropping by, Decay :D
    Hi K09 ,
    for me , the same technique applied.
    Just scribe along the curvy edge to create the guide line.
    i did some chamfer on the curvy edge of the dagger , will update on the next post , hopefully tomorrow :P

  5. Very nice tutorial! thank you for sharing your knowledege here! I want to create my own modification too but still lack of skill ~_~ I hope someday I can do amazing works like yours as well, Mr. Lim :D

  6. Hi Ryuji , Thanks !
    Just play with the plastic everyday if possible.. ha... practice makes perfect ;D

  7. wow nice one ^^

    where i can pla plate in penang ?

  8. I am delayed look in your site.
    You're a great artist
    Each part gets you a different interpretation and a unique look and Design
    You Inspired mi to began change the my gunpla

    This is the first time I came to this page somehow always overlooked it

    Was I happy with you explain
    How do you draw so neatly on the parts
    How do you glue them so accurate
    I can not gluea parts even in simple angle 90'

    I was happy if you take pictures and show more examples


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