Wednesday, August 17, 2011

WIP :: SF3D 1/20 Ma.K Superball

Ma.K  S.A.F.S. Space Type 2C Super Ball
A limited edition Ma.K kits which only available in Japan ! But we are lucky ! Thanks to Lincoln Wright - aka Lin.K and his wife doing us a big favor arranging the shipment to us .
My wild guess , there are not more than 5 in Malaysia for the time being ! :P

To return the favor , I would try best to portrait Linc as the pilot of the armored fighting suit with his iconic monkey smiley ! :D

Progress so far .
1st time dealing with Kneadatite Greenstuff , good stuff but still learning hard to handle it.

Also , 1st timer oil painting on figure , try & error :P

Split suit conversion.

Up next will be 1st time full hand painting tryout !!  :D

Thanks for viewing .


  1. WHEN did you get so good with Green Stuff bro!? this is insane.....

    also why does the guy look like V for Vendetta!?

  2. hi bro , not even close to good on the greenstuff..=.= does look alike!! :D
    Actually i just tried to copy Linc's :P


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