Tuesday, September 20, 2011

WIP 1 :: 1/20 Ma.K SAFS MKIII A8/R8 ( Nitto SAFS conversion)

The MkIII A8/R8 - a up-armored SAFS with additional armoring on chest , hatch , front lower leg & engine cover.  Lovely design and definitely 'looks' much brave & tough with all the beefed up :P

This conversion build based on the vintage kit SAFS MKI which 1st released 1984 & re-released 1999 by Nitto . Almost 20yrs ago , and definitely will still looks good for another 20yrs, i believe ^^         

References very much from the Ma.K fans built of Modelkasten resin conversion kit's photo sharing in the net.
the beefed up in quite straight forward , work with 1mm plaplate as the edge of add-on armor , accurately and also as thickness guide line for putty works later.

Framed areas filled with epoxy putty and the plaplate frame did serve the purpose , shape up quite easily ^^
Never mind the hex nut for now, just a references for overall view. 

Just to share a quick way to scribe corner rounded shape panel line on curvy profile which cant be done with metal etch template or Dymo tape.  With 0.3mm plaplate , cut out the shape designed and stick on firmly with tape and .. scribe.

Further detail works as usual , self made hex nuts, tiny kotobukiya parts , greenstuff around joint as rubber cover, larger spring pipe to replace the tiny original with metal rod support , SB the weapon and recast the right arm for the left.
Replacement of shoulder armor plate with the larger version from Superball extra parts.

The Pilot - kitbashing of head from Falke pilot , trunk of Nitto Figure set 1 and goggle from Nitto SAFS ^^

Having too much fun with hand painting and skip the photo shooting ;)

So , called it done with the suit .
Next will be the ground work , thanks for viewing :)


  1. looks great!!! Im always a fan of you works...=)

  2. Great post Mr Lim. Thanks for explaining the mods... learn somthing new from each of your builds.

  3. Amazing work as usual :)

    In the first photo I did not notice the changes
    Annie knows the model is so good. It just seems so right to be the original model.

    IN construction Photos see the amount of work has been expended

    What I like in your work that you recognize the model,But you say to your self where the hell he buying this special design

    AS kamm said
    Thanks for explaining the mods... learn somthing new from each of your builds.

  4. im still waiting for pg astray blue frame update. hehe


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