Thursday, December 1, 2011

WIP :: 1/48 MS-06F ZakuII

Again, another outdated WIP :P
Experimental hand painting process inspired by Max Watanabe technique found on the recently purchase Max's Ma.k in SF3D books. I am so curious about the 'rainbow base' (as i call it :P) how it might show the different compare to the plain color base. Only way to find out - DIY :D 
Top Left : Dry fit 1/48 char's ZakuII
Top Right : Cast iron by tamiya putty with toothbrush

Base coated with silver to cover the red , which is much effective compare to gray surface primer .

A layer of Dark maroon coated on top of silver and have fun painting " rainbow base " with enamel.

Panzer Camouflage Ambush as references
Camo pattern with Tamiya enamel Olive drab , Sand yellow & dark brown.

Decals works after a top coat of gloss on the camouflage .

After decal , "lacquer base" gloss coat again at least 2 layer as protection for the next heavy enamel wash
Tamiya enamel Sand yellow + white

Tamiya sand yellow + brown + flat black for the lower half , there shd be dirtier as close to the ground

Let dry then wipe away with enamel thinner wet cotton bud.
Sorry but these are the WIP pics i got .....:P

Coconut trees
Experiment with the natural leafs of ficus benjamina , which i learn from military scale modelling forum on the net....
Leafs are clamped overnite between pages of heavy book before goes to the next step.

Trim across and let it end with sharp edge .

Bend the leaf and glue together at the petiole, took some real coconut tree photo as references for the leafs arrangement. Then heavily gloss coated and colored.

The trunk
Left : Double twisted steel rod wrapped by epoxy
Right : Loop a string  around the epoxy to represent the tree trunk bark

Wrap with a thin layer of tissue paper with white glue as the trunk texture.

Coriander seeds aka the coconuts  =D


British Malaya Railway
Ref pics:


With Evergreen I-bean . 
But it shdnt be flat on top so just add a 0.5mm plaplate stripe and rounded the corner.

Railway Clamp
100+ pcs of folded staple


Fixed on balsa wood & add on hex nuts

Track & clamp = silver -> maroon -> black enamel wash -> MIG old rust pigment -> MIG light rust pigment
Wood = enamel brown wash -> enamel black wash -> tamiya weathering set brown - yellow  - white

British Malaya Railway bridge
Ref pics :

"Plaplating " ;)

Recently the popular hair spray salt technique :P

MIG Pigmented and call it done :)

Under bridge concrete support

Left : Plaplate box as mold, small rock are arranged to be as close as possible
Right : pour in the very water diluted plaster of paris

Wait dried then slightly scrap & brush away some plaster on the front .

The Base
Dimension : 39 x39cm
Landscaped with polyfoam

Skip all the way (plaster of paris - white glue - fine sand - small rock  )  to AB the base.....  =D



Then again , rushing and forgot to shot the planting of grass & paddy
Play water time with clear resin mix with a very little of thinned mr.color brown

The "dust" effect
Before the resin hardened ,few drop of light brown on the desired area and mix around.

The UC Hard Graph's figures mod

Thanks for viewing ! :)


  1. fantastic wip bro!!!! Your dio are always amazing.

  2. Amazing work !!!!!!!

    Is won an award?

  3. Drool as always. sigh. Your railroad construction is amazing, the murky water is even more so. I love watching your WIPs.

  4. Thanks guys ! :P

    ya bro Amit , appreciated a merit awards :P

  5. Wow your diorama skills are top notch! Very hood wip!
    I am a huge fan !


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