Friday, June 18, 2010

UCGH Hoverbike WIP1of3

Got sick of cutting/sanding/gluing plate for the FA MK2 , so it's time to have a small fun relax build (suggested by HowXMod -howardkhor), a diorama with this UC Hard Graph hoverbike :)

As it shd be a relax build so without much thought , just do what ever come across my mind while looking at it.
1st ,Saw off the fake net area then place from behind with Finemolds hexagon metal mesh.

made obvious those tiny recess , might plant some detail parts on it later.

Scribe & deepen the panel line

Finally the magnified glass built-in table lamp serve a purpose :P

so, that's the entree, main course coming soon :)


  1. Finish PG MKII & start this only can call it 'relax build'!! now u skip MKII and build this is 'lazy build'! grrr!


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