Monday, June 21, 2010

UCGH Hoverbike WIP2of3

Here's the relaxxxx update .......
Process of re-pose of the zeon army.. saw saw saw...

The original pose

the ant helmet.. scribe line for the weld seam.
scribing on a ball is real hard .. but fun :P

Overall Quick review

Puttied all the gap n play sculpting a bit

hoverbiker : see my Rossi 's knee scraping !!!

With base

Stole these plywood & jute behind a carpenter workshop .............. 's trash corner

Dye the jute with green poster color & tamiya clear green acyclic

and get myself a ALL-FIX .. new product to me ...

Testing the ALL-FIX
wow well sticked & stay strongly ...

THANKS to Fichtenfoo for the grass making tutorial !!


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