Tuesday, September 7, 2010

UCHG Hoverbike WIP3of3

Back dated update :P

1st time using the Mr.Masking ... quite handy...

after peel off all the masking, not perfect and quite some minor touch up.

finished planting the grass ... ................OK........... it's not relax at all !!!! took me about 6hrs for this...

another 1/35 EFSF army repost , from E.F.S.F. Anti MS Squad Set.

Making a tree
fold n stacking the fake leaf material/paper .

apply glue on one side.

clamp the glue side to ensure firm attachment.

dried then cut into shape

plant it on the dead bonzai (from friend)

Test n try to allocate the tree , it seem too crowded and the leafs size too big too

so just scrap the idea with the tree..... 4hrs wasted...(maybe can save it for next project.. )

case with plaplate for the clear resin.... not sure the clear resin supposedly yellowish or maybe as a result of expired ..?? (it is expired with 50% discount )

Ripple water surface.

All done and just the final touch up on grass & wooden sticker around the base.


  1. Love it very much!~ How you make the water?

  2. could you show me the box of resin you use for water,it is great kinda of muddy water

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