Tuesday, March 1, 2011

WIP2: 1/20 Ma.K Gans

The "almost " finished Ma.K Gans's diorama.

Back to the diorama ground works....
i would like to try to achieve these :-
1. water effect
2. heavy rust
3. tar road

The 1/20 scale highway guardrail , i did go to roadside the the real thing measurement ..:P

Actually Malaysia guardrail post are with C beam and another C beam support . I found it's more interesting with I beam & wooden support :)

Landscape base with foam.

cover up the whole landscape with paster of paris

Next will the tar road , I would like to achieve the crack as pix below, so it need to be something really can be cracked , real crack. :P

Red highlight triangle area will be the tar  ,and the 1:1 epoxy .

well mixed , cover up the area & roll flat with roller (4" PVC pipe) .. just like making bread ...

Before the epoxy dry up , pour on aquarium use sand and flatten it with roller again, quite the same concept of making real tar road ...

Trim to match the frame , with mini grinder disc.

 here come the excitement .... planting paddy like farmer again ... :P

Add white line on the road & brush the earth with mixture of Tamiya dark earth & light sand

Some driftwood and the transparent supporting rod for the hanging leg.

Tried to have water splashing effect with shaped PET sheet (cutting of from PET packaging) to cover up the supporting rod.

brownish tinted clear resin poured.

 the result .......Fail !! will try to work out way to improve this ...=.=
Anyway, while waiting the resin to dry , i weather the guardrail with MIG pigment

Poser time :)

It still have to be in WIP , as few thing need to touch up...

The antenna still bling-bling
The splashing water effects..... but i got no idea hot to improve it
The blast effect behind fired launcher pack .. plan to do it with cotton wool ...
then touch up here & there ..... 

WIP of Ma.K Gans end here. 
Thanks for viewing :)


  1. Ken , so guess I m qualified to tender a JKR project already ! :D tks

  2. i didn't notice this post :D nice tutorial!
    did you just put the plaster of paris over the foam? @_@ then paint? i think there is a possibility that plaster can crack

  3. Thanks darkworkx :)
    It depend on quality of the plaster of Paris , and also plaster-water (2-1) is the key , less water higher strength :)

  4. Trying to make a scratch build guardrail...if you have more details on how you molded your pla-parts like that please let me know!

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