Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Another simple SB tutorial building a multiple faceted geometrical shape with plaplate.
Building facet by facet instead of trimming a solid block will greatly benefit us from avoiding tremendous sanding process , and providing nearly perfect symmetry as facets are pre-cut accordingly. 

Example build from PG Blueframe - The Support bracket for the tactical arm when it transform into backpack.
The support bracket will be a match profile to the center part of the tactical arm , so i just build on top of it.
Pic below shown the 6th of precut plaplate .

Chamfer the side which will be attached to the main bracket. 
How much angle of the chamfer it's all depend on your design. Usually, i just measure it visually.

 Glued with cement.

Next will the triangle pcs, trace the shape onto a pcs of paper.
 Align to test fit the paper cut-out before cutting the plaplate

Transfer the shape onto plaplate , cut out and chamfered to match the both side of the attaching area.

Glued & basic faceted geometrical shape done :)


  1. WY,
    Prefect design with using PLAY PLAPLATE skill.
    Where can purchase play plaplate in Penang ?
    How many type or size on this item & Price ?
    I still new on this skill modification / fabrication .
    May need your advise

  2. Would 6 12 inches of pla plate be sufficient for armor plating on a 1 144 kit?

    1. Hi Carl Santos ,
      it's really depend. Shd be enough if it's just plaplate add-on but not for a full armor scratch build :)


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