Monday, April 4, 2011


Finally , get back and start working on this PG blue frame conversion since 2 weeks ago , after a 2mths off due to sidetracked to Ma.K and tired after daily jobs ( synonyms : lazy )  :P

Continue the SB of  Tactical Arm -
The main frame structure.

This gun barrel will need to duplicate 4 times.

an overview when side blade mirrored.

The Tactical Arm sword guard & handle
Spending almost 1hrs figuring the size & drawing on the 2mm plaplate.

And get the shape out from the plaplate is torturing my fingers.

Done with the basic structure of the sword guard 
and the Handle

Sword guard & handle assembled

And the most up to date progress - Booster engine

Fin layered by 2+1.2+1.2mm plaplate .
 With recast consideration, the hinge joint designed with open catch .
 The 2 troublesome curvy profile truster exhaust.

Another open catch joint, strengthen with pins.
 booster engine basic construction overall view.
 Test fit to the sword guard.

The multiple angled hinge arm - this one really time consuming as i cant really find a rod with right dimension..

Finally cut the blade into half n config as on backpack mode. 
Sadly , i cant have a joint to make this transformable without detach the 2 parts due to casting mold release issue.

 so far, the Tactical arm over all view.

That's ll for now , till next update :)


  1. finally there is update on ur work again
    @.@ truly scratch-build god!

  2. haha,.. tks for following my slow motion blog...:D

  3. also been waiting for an are truly the scratch build god!!

  4. OMG, a PG blue frame tactical arms.......

    btw, any suggestions on how to SB a katana?

  5. Emonem, tks ! :P
    Heathorn , Katana ? thought the PG red frame already come with that ...:D

  6. ah sorry, I mean I might want to try making a katana for my SRW kit.

  7. just wondering... since i havent got a PG, do you think its possible to make a smaller size for an HG kit?

  8. Hi Bim321 , Sure it is possible ;)

  9. Bro I have a very ambitious project (Not sure if I can do it). I wanna make Tactical Arms for an SD Astray. What thickness of pla plates should I use? :)

  10. Hi Yosh , Sure u can if u really want ;)
    fo SD , 0.3, 0.5 & max 1.0mm plaplate will do :)

  11. Thank you so much sir!
    I will try to pour my soul into it! :D

  12. Hi Sir Julius!
    Is it ok if I ask for some comments and suggestions regarding my WIP? Here's the link and sorry for the poor image quality:

  13. wooo you are one crazy person... good job i shall call you Master scratch build. you have godly talents. i enjoy every single build you do. Amazing.


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