Tuesday, January 10, 2012


 My very 1st miniature painting in life :)

Many thanks to Jinn  taking up the initiative in making such a successful Christmas Group Build for us. Just like gift exchange , participants provide a model kit of his choice into pool and draw other's .
Simple rules as it is , build & finish the model kit that you draw  ;)
And so how lucky i am , a awesome WH -High Elves set directly from the GB leader himself who's a minitature master , check out his miniature mod & jaw dropping paint job here --- > http://jinnsminis.blogspot.com/  !!

Before this, i have ZERO knowledge about miniature or even WarHammer , just heard it before and knowing it's a game. So much to learn & so much to explore from this build, especially acrylic hand painting with Vallejo. It's just a whole new world :D

Rock by charcoal .
Base coat with acrylic white - wash with gray - random patches of dark brown - wash again with very diluted black - MIG pigment. 

Wooden base by chopperboard ;P

Thanks for dropping by ....


  1. wow Julius. Is there anything you cant do bro? These look really nice. Especially love the free hand on the banners.

  2. again.. speechless.. btw.. what scale is this.. i ask about the paint for this type of miniature before and its not easy to use as what i know.. and most of the "battle field" are build by some common thing around us.. this is so nice man..

  3. Kamm , i cant do Gay for sure .. :D Thanks a lot bro.

    WP , ;) kamsia kamsia !

    Seven6398 , i am not sure wat scale it is. take the house for example it's about 35mm height.
    It's just acrylic paint ( i am trying with Vallejo) is just wonderful , solid coverage & brilliant hue ;) Tks


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