Saturday, January 14, 2012

WIP 1 :: 1/48 Sinanju Head Display

First build of 2012.
This will my second attempt to work on Sinanju since a MG Sazabi converted Sinanju by scratch build back in 2008. The 1/100 Sinanju was the first back to scale modelling built after my 10years absent , hence there was so much flaw and inaccuracy. 
So it's like my second chance to make things right from previous mistake , but in 1/48 scale :P
It wouldn't be a full body scratch build but a bust with shoulder & down the waist line.
Yes it will be a Formania Sinanju  Wannabe to put in line with Formania Sazabi and Nu Gundam ,  although i didnt own either one  =..= 
Many thanks to Rayloke 's awesome idea and also provide me the tool - a light sensor with motorized CCTV dummy set.  
The idea is shaking head " No No Sinanju " !! :D 
Here's the working sample on day one .
Thanks again, Ray !! ^^

Ok , enough talking non sense and here's the progress of past 2 weeks.

Re-build the chest armor
Was plan to cut off the ori chest plate and move it forward , but seem not that appropriate in term of size.

Torso plaplate-ing 
Very much refering to MG Sinanju

Comparison with 1/100 MG Sinanju 


Shoulder Armor
Hand sketch design which is slightly different from the ori curvy & rounded profile  , to one with some sharp edges & straight line profile to match chest armor 's.

Making of this Shoulder armor will be shared in  PLAY PLAPLATE later.

Waist Pipe

Test fit and it seem smaller than expected -_-||| Will try highlight with bright color .

That's all for now , thanks for viewing !!


  1. Bro are you insane....

    This is too much even for you hahaha.

    you gay <3

  2. you are crazy man.. hey.. call me when you come KL.. shop shop for parts.. haha

  3. wooaaaa sob3 when u do SB bro..u always make me wanna cry...

  4. Kamm ... c=3 !!

    Seven6398 , thanks bro . Sure thing!!! Balakong right :D

    Tyran , will try less chili next time .. LOL !! thanks :)

  5. Uwah... so awesome indeed..
    gotta wait for your play plaplate section. It's one of my inspiration to do scratch-build too :)

  6. wait, what, OMG! That's awesome!!!

    Great work!

    How in hell did you use to create the wraist pipe! O_o I'm amazed!

    btw, what is this beige thing you used on the shoulder?

    Keep going, you motivate me on my own kit ^^.

  7. You sir, are an inspiration. This is amazing work. What kind of putty do you use, that I may follow in the footsteps of a master?


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